Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Richmond City Council appoints Ms. Jean V. Capel as new City Clerk

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Monday, 8 July 2013
Richmond City Council appoints Ms. Jean V. Capel as new City Clerk
Ms. Jean Capel: Duties to begin immediately
(Richmond, Virginia) - Richmond City Council tonight (Monday, July 8, 2013) has adopted Resolution Number 2013-R154 during its regular Richmond City Council Formal Meeting to appoint Ms. Jean V. Capel to serve as the new City Clerk. Ms. Capel has served as Interim City Clerk since March of this year. Her service as the City Clerk begins upon adoption of the Resolution and is for an indefinite term.

        Ms. Capel has served as Deputy City Clerk of the Richmond City Council Office of the City Clerk since January 2010. Prior to this, she served from 2006-2009 as the Emporia City Clerk for the City of Emporia, Virginia. Ms. Capel earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Saint Paul's College and is a member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, the National League of Cities, the Virginia Municipal Clerks Association and the International City/County Management Association. 

        Richmond City Council congratulates Ms. Capel on her new position; applauds her experience, dedication and expertise; and, looks forward to continuing to work with her in her new role.

        Ms. Capel's duties as the City Clerk include providing oversight and management of the Richmond City Council Office of the City Clerk as per those described in the Richmond City Charter, which is described generally as follows:

Richmond City Charter
Section 4.04. City Clerk
The Council shall appoint a City Clerk for an indefinite term. He/She shall be the Clerk of the Council, shall keep the journal if its proceedings and shall file the original draft of all ordinances and shall maintain an index of all such ordinances. He/She shall be the custodian of the corporate seal of the City and shall be the officer authorized to use and authenticate it. All records in his/her office shall be public records and open to inspection at any time during regular business hours. He/She shall receive compensation to be fixed by the Council and all fees received by him/her shall be paid into the City treasury. He/She shall appoint and remove a deputy City Clerk, who shall be authorized to act as acting City Clerk in the absence or disability of the City Clerk, and all deputies and other employees in his/her office, and shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or by ordinance. (Virginia General Assembly Acts 1977, chapter 513, Section 1; Acts 1998, chapter 711: Acts 2005, chapter 844, Section 1)

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