Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Today: Councilwoman Ellen F. Robertson invites community to Grand Opening of Six Points Innovation Center

Richmond City Council – Richmond City Hall - 900 E. Broad Street, Suite 305 - Richmond, Virginia  23219 U.S.A.  - www.council.richmondva.gov

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Today: Councilwoman Ellen F. Robertson invites community to Grand Opening of Six Points Innovation Center

Entire community invited and encouraged to attend
WHAT         (Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.) - The Honorable Ellen F. Robertson, Councilwoman, Richmond City Council, Richmond Gateway 6th Voter District, invites the entire community to the Grand Opening of the Six Points Innovation Center, located at 3001 Meadowbridge Road in the Highland Park Neighborhood.

                             Six Points Innovation Center will be a programmed teen center where neighborhood youth have access to programming in the arts, urban ecology, education assistance, public media, history, and advocacy. It is located in a newly renovated 4,000 square-foot building in the in the Richmond Gateway 6th Voter District.

                             Beginning June 7, 2016, the Six Points Innovation Center will be open to the public from Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. After-hours and weekend operations will be specific to youth programming and events. Homework assistance will be offered between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., two to three days per week.

WHEN         Tuesday, June 6, 2017
                       6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
WHERE        Six Points Innovation Center
                       3001 Meadowbridge Road; Richmond, Virginia

CONTACT   For more information, please contact Mr. Kiya Stokes, Liaison for The Honorable Ellen F. Robertson, Councilwoman, Richmond City Council, Richmond Gateway 6th Voter District, at 804.646.7964 (tel), or kiya.stokes@richmondgov.com (email)

Background _______________________________________________________________________
Funding for the renovation of the Boaz & Ruth-owned building was made possible by a Robins Foundation Community Innovation Grant. The space was designed by neighborhood youth with the assistance of volunteers from Baskervill, Glave & Holmes, and BCWH Architects

     Multiple nonprofit organizations will offer a variety of youth programs, including the creation of a youth council. The partner organizations behind Six Points Innovation Center include: Storefront for Community DesignSaving Our Youth, Groundwork RVA, ART180Boaz & Ruth, the Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the Community Preservation and Development Corporation. The youth-serving organizations that will create programming include:

Storefront for Community Design
Storefront pairs community design needs with volunteer design professionals and will spearhead architecture and design education with youth. Additionally, Storefront will manage Storefront Studio which offers a creative way to engage, educate and empower young people to both learn and tell their own community stories through public media and public history projects. Youth will have access to a recording booth and field recording kits that provide hands-on learning.
Ryan Rinn, Executive Director, ryan@storfrontrontichmond.org (email)
Kelley Libby, Co-Creator of Storefront Studio, kelleylibby@gmail.com (email)
Free Engufemi, Co-Creator of Storefront Studio, joinus@untoldrva.com (email)

Saving Our Youth
Saving Our Youth seeks to keep youth on track toward a positive future in school and in the workforce. Saving Our Youth will offer high school and college assistance programming for youth in addition to employment assistance and professional training.
Contact: Jo White, Executive Director, joeloisewhite@gmail.com (email)

Groundwork RVA
Groundwork RVA works with Richmond youth to design and build vibrant community spaces. Groundwork RVA's Green Team and Green Workforce programs will connect youth through service and green-collar job training with the natural and urban environment.
Contact: Giles Harnesberger, Executive Director, giles@groundworkrva.org (email)

ART 180 creates and provides art-related programs for young people living in challenging circumstances, encouraging personal and community change through self-expression. ART 180 works with local artists to provide multi-week after school programs that allow young people to discover ways they can positively engage in and influence their surroundings.
Contact: Taekia Glass, Program Director, taekia@art180.org (email)

Changemakers Council   
The Changemakers Council will be a leadership group of elected teens representing each Six Points Innovation Center program. This council will drive a youth-led community agenda for the Highland Park Neighborhood and shape the vision for the Center.

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